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Pressed hard against the ground, I'm shocked to find legions of men walking atop me, all with one face! Seemingly void of negative emotion, but their eyes... Oh their eyes! They are so empty! Suddenly I see another like me pinned below these bizarre creatures wrapped in the guise of man. His eyes alight with thought, his face ablaze with torment, and to him I implore: "Why not rise up from the ground, dear man? You simply can't prefer the view from here!" "Oh I'd rather hug the ground than stand with those above! Their soulless eyes I quite despise, besides, it's all I know!" I'll not have such brilliant minds held down by such fools! "Why not rise from the ground, dear friend? Surely you can't believe these men could rival you!" "Quite not! But do observe that I am merely one! And they, a sea of stupidity! I'll never win!" Well I'll not let such dreadful minds pin me to the floor! Oh this is absurd! I've never seen such a sorry scenario. And I'll not sit idly by, oh no, that just will not do! I stand amidst debris and broken shards of thoughtlessness and thought. The resulting image of a sampling of my will. A sarcastic semi-smile darts along my face... Oh how hard they fell... I say now; "Why not rise up off the ground? You silly man! See there, I've laid to waste your sad complaint, you've no restraint!" "I see you've turned these fellows' bliss to misery. Well, better you than me... You see, a thoughtless mass is still a mass indeed!" Hmmm, it's true those from below rejoice while those of subdued thoughts recoil in pain as crimson flows from their collective face... Oh what a race! It seems their skin was set, not for a scowl, but for a smile! Hey! What can I say? I'm simply not one to regret!
streetlight 03:48
The streetlight, it casts my shadow but I'm not there... oh no. I wander, and ponder, the cloudy hillsides in my mind for this happiness that I... I heard oh so much about. And I see you... Standing streetlit amidst the rain... Your eyes hint of the skies; skies where the sun parts the rain. And I can feel the sunshine on my back, and it's so much lighter than that dreadful, rotten world. And for once I know that things will be just fine. We wander hand in hand through green-grass hills miles from the pain. A happy cliche, I know, but dammit, I love it anyway! And oh, what a day! What a wonderful day to fall in love today. You've changed my sight and I see only you in my arms. Forever! The streetlight... It burns so cold I think I'm freezing. It's so cold. Why would you cast me out into this nightmare of emptiness? Don't you love me? 'Cause I love you!
Raging fire decimates my thoughts I recognize the slut-smiled, disheveled whore behind these cinders of misery. Oh how could this be? Am I forced to forever mourn? No! I am desired! Oh no no no! I've found new sights and sounds to help retain the might inside of me. But touch and taste add so much more. You'll see the GOD I am to be! I believe though the incandescence of our sun has set our love will sow new warmth again. I tried to brave it but I should have known the scenery would fall into tears. To wander these hillsides of misery and live without is sorrow and demise! Come back to me! And oh, my love, we'll be safe in the smile of the sun again! Come back to me! And oh, my darling, we'll sail away and start again! If I can set aside my indignation, I'm sure we can survive. I know we'll be together... Forever.
To stand atop the pinnacle of everything is to concurrently suffer your every desire, and thus awake the grand ascendancy that dwells inside. Those below can see this power and wonder, "How can one man rise so high?" I answer: "Well I've often found the fastest way out of any predicament is to simply transcend the things that keep you in!" "But then again, I suppose I could be wrong, after all... they say that what goes up, must come down... do they not?" I find the sun at times to be a sly, deceptive lie, as when the winter rolls in under its halo of light. Up here everything retains a simple subtlety, the view's so beautiful, the world fades away! And yet I find myself gazing ever upward, seems the sky is never quite enough for me! Why did I ever tell you of this place? I know you'll come here now. And I have no choice... but to rise higher still!
I gaze out on the infinite desire and despair. Aware. I look back on the innocence that founded the way. Away. I see my dream as only a spark twinkling in my eye. I see my dream as the mighty blaze that I was meant to be. That I'd burn so warm and clean I'd be seen across the vastness of the ocean. Moonlight gleaming down upon the pain, I'll silence the screams of the world! What the hell am I supposed to do now? Where the hell am I supposed to go now? I've come so far only to see infinity still rules the skies above. I've come so far only to see that this dream has gone astray!
barren winds 05:18
Unto ineffability, unfolding fear which beckons far away to find the self, solace and redemption. Away traipsing on amidst the transitorium to find the soul's dimensions. Am I this fleeting carnal form? And unto the great demise I am advancing forward towards the way of light but find that I have traveled nowhere. Pain I'm swallowed by infinity. Design of cancellation. Am I this carnal fate? The mighty winds of eternity lay barren the landscape of fear. Our feeble bodies tumble down. No hope to cling to as we fall one by one into the terror of nothingness. Away from deceit I've traveled far and wide to find despair. I realize I'm doomed to fade away. Traipsing on amidst the transitorium. Demise is non-existence. I am this carnal fade.
neon 01:37
I find myself standing in front of a building 30 feet long and 20 feet high with an all glass front outlined by cold, blue neon lights. How had I not noticed it before? The walls of the building are no more than a foot thick and yet doors line the whole of the interior! Two stories worth of doors! But where could they possibly lead? I don't know! The building speaks to me Inviting me in. A strange curiosity tempts me to acquiesce though I am filled with a strong sense of dread!
(or 3 steps 02:16
Herein lies the secret to happiness. Listen carefully.
Away from the earth I fall, towards infinity. I am reborn amidst the stars. I am the one and I know the way. And I know it won't be easy: The road to happiness! I am the shift. I am the rain. I am the streetlight casting dread. I am the dominant supremacy. I am the window and winds. I am the neon blowing cold across humanity. I am the one. I am perfection! Yo ho!
the horror 07:20
I smile and walk away "We are the one" I finally see... Compassion. I feel the eyes I see the light I wish that I had known But oh! I won't regret! Pain sounds redemption in spite of defeat!


Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Thomas Drinnen
except acoustic guitars on "oh, the humanity!" co-engineered by Matt Garrison

Recorded at Noetik Imports and Exports; Urizen Headquarters, TX

Additional recording at "Julio's House" aka The Jam Space (RIP), CO; and Dallas Sound Lab, TX

Guitar solo and contrabass on track 10 absolutely NOT played by Sam Damask

Poon chants on track 4 provided by URIZEN

All songs written by Thomas, except "oh, the humanity!" written by Thomas and Daniel

All lyrics by Thomas


released August 26, 2005

Thomas Drinnen: guitar, bass, vocals
Daniel Drinnen: keyboard, additional vocals
Julio Escamilla: drums




URIZEN Denton, Texas

The balls of Rammstein strapped to the bodies of DEVO with the brains of Type O Negative performing the live show of GWAR... with a robot.

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