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Well I was created accidentally, a wonder of nature and a glory to see. I set to expanding, to conquer the void. Logic and convention were kindly ignored. Joy and release. I could never be slowed or persuaded to stop. And I will not be led away to wait for a start again. I find satisfaction in the things that I’ve done so far. A new fascination...
I will not tolerate this boundary, I find it troublesome indeed. I will not yield to limitation... in fact, I’ll never yield again! I’ll find a way to save my blissful state and backwards facing dream. The simple “I” that became will not be made to live as “we.” Ah, every moment it worsens... this thickening awareness. Cluttering and corrupting my peace. Wretched questions with seemingly no end! I can see it in the distance... my doom! The cursed “why!” I find this state of mine to be a harsh eventuality. And I shall not fear nor oppose. I’ll find what it means to “know.” I’ll find the substance of my glee. I’ll take it back to when “I” was the answer to most everything. I’ll find the surface of my glee and suffer fate no more. I want to make this whole world go away!
Oh yes, of course. Please allow me to translate. He says: Of the universe it should be noted that yours is but one of many. That due to things like uncertainty and probability the landscape of your future is truly a matter of limitless potential! And that’s good! I failed to grasp emotion nor suffer with disease. “Cold” and “loneliness” astound me. I tried to find a better “self” to be. I had hoped that beyond the stars, I would find a way. I had dreamed that behind the mind, I would find the answers. I had hoped that through it all there’d be much more to see. I had hoped that I’d finally find a “me!” And to summarize, existence is constantly splitting and branching off into new and wondrous paths. And each new moment holds with it any number of an unfathomable amount of possibilities. So for those moments giving rise to pain, it’s to be hoped that elsewhere, along a concurrent path, an inverse moment is giving rise... to joy!
Oh I hate that I can’t help but to watch the sky and wonder. The universe grows and grows... it goes and goes. How I hate that I can’t help but to dwell helplessly below. Insignificance grows as the cosmic tide flows and flows... and flows. I won’t let the stars conquer me! Oh no! If I could grow in size ‘til I could own the skies, would I see God? Or would I be... Or could it be that this life is nothing more than this?
Boxmen 05:24
From my box I can see everything. Life and all the joy that it can bring. No, I don’t want to live beyond my frame. ‘Cause in here the weather’s always better, life’s a winning game! I find the scum outside to be a source of loneliness, but in my fear fortress the box has sown my redemption. Outside it’s wet and cold... a violent sight I shan’t perceive but through my filters and protection. I am a boxman! What? I’ve never heard such ridiculous buffoonary! Why would I want to join you out there? Just look at my life compared to yours! I’ve got all the things a boy could ever want: friends by the thousands, the very world at my fingertips! I’ll never join you! Never! That’s ludicrous... absurd! Outside again... could I resume that life? To know... I’d finally found a way I can feel safe outside... to know... to know! I’m fine to dull sensations of pain and agony, but to hide from danger I have hidden everything. An even keel... my life is plain and dull, but at last I have realized. Into the world I go! I’m ready! Just... must... must, ah, loosen this strap a bit... Must get out! What? Ah... I... I’m stuck! I ca... I can’t get out! Gah! Wretched contraption! Please let me out! Please! I... I’m stuck! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!
I wandered through this splendid world observing this and that, but thunderstorms and winter cold made me wish I had a hat. I tried to find, by light of day, when all my clothes had dried, a single friend to laugh and play, but everyone had died. They died! Now, all I can seem to find are the roaming ghosts of humanity, wrapped up in the clothes of humans they once had claimed to be! And I feel so misled. They said the more I knew the more I’d have to gain and, well then, what had I to lose? But here I am... again. A stranger now estranged, somehow, by those who steered me wrong. They led me on and now I’m all alone.


Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Thomas Drinnen and URIZEN
Recorded at Noetik I&E; URIZEN Headquarters, TX between July and September 2010

All music written by Thomas except “Boxmen” by Thomas, James and Daniel
and “An Unfortunate Realization” by Thomas and Daniel

Guitar solo on “A Noiseless Flash” played with pride by Sam Damask

All lyrics written by Thomas
Artwork and layout by James and Daniel


released November 4, 2010

Thomas Drinnen: vocals, guitar
Daniel Drinnen: keyboard
Matt Garrison: guitar
James Wicks: bass
Julio Escamilla: drums




URIZEN Denton, Texas

The balls of Rammstein strapped to the bodies of DEVO with the brains of Type O Negative performing the live show of GWAR... with a robot.

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